Monday, October 29, 2012

Harley Walker at 74

Harley Walker sounds like some old dude; I guess at 74, that would likely be the case.

However, Harley Walker is what I've called the step walker I fancied up with Harley Davidson logos to present as a birthday gift ... to my mom.

October 29th is my mom's birthday and she is turning 74.

She doesn't need, nor does she want useless stuff to sit about taking up limited space already disappearing because of already displayed useless stuff.

Earlier this year, I had this idea in my mind to purchase a step walker from a thrift store and give it a facelift. One thrift store I visit more frequently seems to always have a supply of walkers, bath seats, etc.

It actually sat in the garage for months before I had time to get to it. I had to clean off the cobwebs.

Got out my Frog Tape and taped up the squishy handles - that's the only area that didn't get painted (other than the wheels and hard plastic bottom stoppers).

I took off the back legs and front rollers, along with the rubber connectors at the joints. Rather than remove all the stickers - and there seemed to be a lot - I decided I would just paint over them since I would likely be applying HD logos over top. I did take a "before" photo, however, no during photos.

After I spray painted the primer, I used a black satin finish spray paint. One can didn't quite do it. The lighting in my garage is bad and once I thought it was covered, a view in the sunlight revealed places that were splotchy. I wanted it to be coated well.

I searched Google images for a variety of HD logos and printed them out - then cut them out.  When I held them up to determine placement they appeared very stark against the black background.

To remedy that, I used some strong tea water and the tea bag to apply some staining to the paper - it curled some but overall the paper held up well.

Once the logos were all applied I still wasn't pleased with the look - there are a lot of logos on it and rather than remove them to lessen the busy-look I figured I could make them blend better against the black.

Out came the antique glaze. I used a rag to dab on the glaze atop the logos. This gave a look of worn, garage grime and that worked better for the look I was going for.  It allowed the many logos to blend in to the black background much better.

Mom's cat, Gabby, checking out Harley Walker.
I have no doubt my mom will actually use her Harley Walker at home. Quite frankly, it wouldn't surprise me to see her with it at the grocery sometime ...maybe even wearing a "doo" rag on her head.

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