Monday, May 20, 2013

Bearcat Bound

The grandson of one of my girlfriends is graduating high school next weekend. There is a graduation party to celebrate his accomplishments - of which he has many. 

Kaleb's high school activities have been shared by his grandmother over the years and she is very proud of him, rightfully so. As a senior, he attained high ranking on his bowling team - frightfully skilled in his sport. It wouldn't surprise me to hear of him competing in pro-bowling leagues in the future - in between his medical work of course. 

I believe this strapping young man is aiming for a degree as a medical technician. He will be attending the University of Cincinnati this fall.

My husband and I will not be able to attend the graduation party. So, I've made my gift - hurriedly, I might add - to give to her ahead of time so it can be added to the gift table.

Kaleb's Graduation Gift
I mentioned hurriedly because I only came across this idea on Pinterest late Friday. This meant I needed to make a trip to the Goodwill on Saturday to find a suitable picture frame and of course there's never a guarantee you'll find exactly what you need. Luckily, I did.

This little craft project had to be worked in with yard mowing, laundry, cleaning, running yet another errand. It's certainly not one of my best projects, but the concept carried out pretty well.

The frame is black metal - perfect, because I planned to add some cutouts of the UC Bearcat. 

I printed out the text "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS" - in Stencil Font; situated that in the top frame, then printed out a UC collage of logos as a background for the bottom frame and folded up the paper money to fit visibly. That all worked out well.

Then time started getting on. I had cut out the UC pennants and the Bearcat mascot pics and applied them to the frame with Mod Podge. It was going to take several coats to even out the ridges left behind by my strokes with my sponge brush. Back and forth I went - when I remembered - to apply another coating of Mod Podge. At one point my sponge brush with the Mod Podge was getting tack and pull off what was already a bit tacky on the frame.

I was just in too big of a hurry. I managed to fix the flaw - with the help of a black marker. 

It didn't really turn out perfectly smooth - but I figured in the end he was really only going to be excited about the money. If by chance he decides to reuse the frame to hold pictures of his girlfriend, friends or family it will suffice. After four years, it will surely have served its purpose.

Best wishes, Kaleb! Great things lie ahead for you.