Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Handmade for Her Retirement

inside of card
Little by little, over the past few weeks, I worked on this card for a co-worker who is retiring at the end of this month. I started out with a simple "open the gate card" - a template I've used before in a pinch. However, since I've had the time to add to this card - layering elements were added.

I even fancied up some clothespins to add to it. I probably should have added magnet strips to the backs of the clothespins. I did attempt to cut a magnet strip off of an old magnet on the side of the fridge, but after I applied it to the clothespin and tried it on the fridge, found it wasn't strong enough. Rather than ruin the clothespins in repeated attempts I opted to leave them "sans-magnet" and added some crochet flowers.

back of card

front of envelope w/clothespins

I don't know this co-worker well, so I suppose this token of my best wishes for her is adequate.

Oh, how I wish I could retire.

back of envelope

front of card

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Corkboard Cabinet Door Liner

I've had this package of corkboard squares I purchased at Big Lots lying around in my kitchen for awhile. One of my plans for it finally made it to my done list.

 I thought it would be handy to use one of my spice cabinet doors as a "tack up" space for recipes I'm working on - to pin an opened envelope of spice - various other uses ...

The door panel is inset enough on the inside of the door to place a trimmed section of corkboard that fits flush to the frame.

 I trimmed it to fit snugly - didn't think I'd need to secure it, because it fit so well.

However, after a few opening and closings of the door it needed to be pressed back in along the edges. I ended up just using some double-sided tape to secure it. I also added another panel of corkboard all the way to the top of the door.

Added some push pins and there you have it.

Done and dusted!

When You Can't Find it Locally - 
Make Your Own
Range Hood Fan Filter Replacement

For weeks I was on a mission to find, locally, a replacement exhaust fan filter.
Neither of the two local hardware stores, nor Wal-Mart (my final resort) carry the Broan Nutone LL-62F filter for my range hood. I could have ordered it, but I don't want to pay 6.00 for shipping and you have to order 2 at a time at just over $28.00! 


So...  I purchased the next size up from what I needed. Brought it home and carefully took it apart - bending away the aluminum frame from the filter materials. I then did the same to the old filter frame, opening up the channel of the frame to allow insertion of the new "cut to fit" filter.

I just placed the old filter I removed on top of the newly removed filter and trimmed it.

 Just kept working my way around the rectangular shaped filter - making sure to keep all the layers of mesh/carbon snugly together as I pinched the aluminum frame along the edge.

 Done! Good as new ... because it is NEW - at least the filter is. I gave the old aluminum frame a good cleaning of all the grease build up. I've lived in this house three years and have never THOUGHT to replace exhaust fan filter until I was giving the stove/oven a good cleaning. I've taken the filter out to wash in hot soapy water half a dozen times, but this time I peered into the filter and saw how yellow it was ... that's old grease build-up. (Barf!)

Done and dusted now!