Thursday, February 2, 2012

When You Can't Find it Locally - 
Make Your Own
Range Hood Fan Filter Replacement

For weeks I was on a mission to find, locally, a replacement exhaust fan filter.
Neither of the two local hardware stores, nor Wal-Mart (my final resort) carry the Broan Nutone LL-62F filter for my range hood. I could have ordered it, but I don't want to pay 6.00 for shipping and you have to order 2 at a time at just over $28.00! 


So...  I purchased the next size up from what I needed. Brought it home and carefully took it apart - bending away the aluminum frame from the filter materials. I then did the same to the old filter frame, opening up the channel of the frame to allow insertion of the new "cut to fit" filter.

I just placed the old filter I removed on top of the newly removed filter and trimmed it.

 Just kept working my way around the rectangular shaped filter - making sure to keep all the layers of mesh/carbon snugly together as I pinched the aluminum frame along the edge.

 Done! Good as new ... because it is NEW - at least the filter is. I gave the old aluminum frame a good cleaning of all the grease build up. I've lived in this house three years and have never THOUGHT to replace exhaust fan filter until I was giving the stove/oven a good cleaning. I've taken the filter out to wash in hot soapy water half a dozen times, but this time I peered into the filter and saw how yellow it was ... that's old grease build-up. (Barf!)

Done and dusted now!

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