Monday, May 14, 2012

Find My Key

I have two keys on my key ring that are nearly identical.

SCHLAGE keys...spare keys cut at the local hardware store. Both are gold in color. One is my house key, the other my mom's house key.

I kind of know where my house key is on the placement of my key ring. Sometimes, though, when I am in a hurry and select the wrong key - it fits into the key hole, but doesn't turn - it tends to get a bit frustrating. You know...the times when my hands are pretty full, the load is heavy or I need to dash to the bathroom.

Then there are the occasional times when my husband has my keys and can't tell which key to use.

I had some spare time on a recent Saturday and decided I should try the painted key idea. This would give me a chance to try out some cheap, bright nail polish I bought specifically for craft projects.

My mom's house is green, so that's the color her key would be.

My house is brick, so blue would be the color of my key - absolutely nothing to relate the two really, I just like the color blue.

I removed the keys from my key ring, stuck the smaller end into a block of foam and painted - painted - painted (that's three coats). I could have probably gone with two coats, but did one extra coat for durability sake. I topped it off with a clear coat of nail polish.

I thought the color might scrape off as I put the keys back on my key ring, but I was very careful as I slid the keys around the ring. It all worked out well and now I can tell at a glance which key I'm selecting from my key ring.

In between drying of the color applications, I played around with the blue nail polish. I'm not one for painted nails; one, because I keep my nails fairly short and two, bright colors aren't my thing.

I have seen a lot of advertisements for decorated nails. I decorated my thumb nail, left it this way for half the day.

I panicked a bit when I thought I might not have any nail polish remover and I would have to have my nail this way for church on Sunday. Luckily, I found the polish remover and all was well.

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