Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodwill Black to Tiffany Blue

Backstory: I was trying to find a small bottle of pillow spritzer a few weeks ago. After several weeks of restless sleep where the slightest thing became a huge factor in why I couldn’t fall back to sleep, I thought perhaps having my pillow scented with lavender would help.

I could not find the bottle of spritzer.
My poor attempt at organizing my dresser top
My dresser top is a mess. I thought having these canvass bins would help me keep things less cluttered on my dresser. Problem is – I can’t see what’s in them unless I’m digging through them. I drug out the two most used items – my deodorant and a bottle of perfume – and set them on the dresser for quick access. Other things just get shoved in the bins and mostly forgotten.

Recent: I have been thinking about having a nicer looking display – perhaps a mirrored tray with my glass bottles of perfume lined up. I gave some thought to what I might have around the house to repurpose. Nothing came to mind that was practical.

So, I gave myself a reason to head to our local Goodwill on a recent Saturday morning. Our local Goodwill is not a great treasure trove. I’ve purchased the occasional useful item there, but for the most part not much luck on great finds overall.

This day, though, I thought it would be okay to settle for a nice rectangular glass relish tray or a small mirrored "something."  I found two square relish trays and was willing to settle for those. They were in my shopping cart as I continued on looking at the opposite shelf.  

After a couple coats of spray paint
I found a long (16”) rectangular metal tray with a removable tempered glass insert.  It was black and boring.  I knew I could spruce it up with something from my growing collection of spray paint.

I kept looking through the clutter of items on the Goodwill shelf and found another treasure that would work for my plan to organize my dresser top.  This find was a small wire basket with a removable glass insert – again it was black and boring. However the glass insert was decorative with a design.
Tiffany blue tray

Once home, I cleaned both pieces – prepped my outdoor workspace on the deck and chose my color – Rust-oleum’s American Accent in Aqua. I chose this color because it reminds me of the blue Tiffany & Co. box – not that I have ever had one. This fresh blue color just seems appropriate for a staging area for bottles of perfume.

Tiffany blue tray and basket for the dresser
I was overly anxious to get started painting, so no before pictures – I often read that on blogs and now I understand how it is so easy to skip that step.

It took three light coats to get the coverage I wanted. I am well pleased with the results.

Now, I’ve started conjuring up other paint projects to use this color on – a few metal tins, a heavy cardboard box and glass bottles.

Even the Mister thinks my dresser top looks much better.
No more canvass bins

The blue and white runner is one woven years ago by my late grandmother, Ollie Frances. She died at the age of 45, before I was born, so I never knew her. My grandfather, J.C. died in December 2011, at the age of 103. 

He had this runner on a desk in his house. It’s one of the mementos I was given after the house was cleared out. The runner is quite faded from years of being on the desk in front of a window where the sun shone in, but the reverse – which is how I have it displayed on my dresser – is still rich in color and sentiment.

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  1. Love it, anything tiffany blue is gorgeous. Great idea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Nicely done! Our Goodwill doesn't usually offer too many scores either but it looks like you definitely came out well with these. I love things organized too so I was all over this. Thanks for sharing your idea on BeColorful's Motivated Monday this week.

  3. Gorgeous! I have to say - I am a suck for that Tiffany Blue color....but then again what woman isn't right? Such a pretty organizer as well - has a lovely vintage feel to it.

    Thank you for stopping by and linking up.

  4. What a difference! Not only are they so pretty, but they keep everything so close at hand. No more rummaging through those bins. I love the color, one of my favs! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Happy to be a new follower.