Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mom's Harley

My mom is getting up there in years. She'll be 79 in October.

Often times after she has made a trip to the local grocery, she'll comment about all the "old people" milling about. I remind her, she is one of those old people.

Over the years she has had her share of back pain (sciatic nerve issue), sore knees and just worn out wobbly stepping. She'll use an old cane she inherited from her dad when she goes out and about to run errands and when I take her to the doctor.
Walker taped up - wheels removed

A few years ago, when I was at a thrift store, I came across a collection of healthcare items. There must have been six or seven aluminum walkers - each with a person's name either written on the frame or a tag taped on. It's been nearly four years ago, so I'm not quite sure what I paid, but it wasn't over ten dollars. What a bargain!

I selected one of the walkers that looked nearly new and brought it home to begin a project for mom's 75th birthday.

Mom's sense of humor has resulted in her sketching herself and her now deceased cat, Bubba, riding off on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Even the cat has a helmet on his head. I can't locate her drawing, otherwise, I would post it here.

Harley walker
So, my project resulted from this vision in my mind of a black frame with Harley decals applied to it. Mom would get to have a Harley in a more subdued manner.

I began my online search to see about ordering HD decals and, of course, as I suspected, to purchase anything Harley-Davidson is expensive. I decided to just print out various Harley-Davidson logos instead.

Finsihed product - Mom's Harley 
It took a little over three weeks to get this project completed. I wanted to make sure it was well covered in black satin spray paint and had plenty of time to cure. I wanted it all covered, except the foam handle grips and the wheels, so I taped off the grips and removed the wheels before spraying. I wanted it well coated too; I used two cans of spray paint.

I cut out all my Harley-Davidson logos, held them up to see where they would fit best along the frame of the walker. I used Mod-Podge to apply the decals. Once I had all the decals applied, it didn't give me the look I was wanting. The decal colors were too bright against the black, so I dabbed on some antiquing glaze to dull the brightness. Afterall, it's an "old Harley" for an "old lady" - it needs to look ridden hard.

Gabby checking out Mom's Harley
I was pleased with the final outcome and couldn't wait to give it to mom. It would be difficult to wrap, even folded up. I had a huge flat cardboard box that I received something in at the office, so I used that, along with some duct tape to secure the cardboard folded around the walker. She wasn't quite sure what was in store inside this big clunky looking gift. I just sat it down in front her and stood back to watch her reaction when she finally got it opened.

She got a good laugh and actually loved it! She uses it often - at home. She hasn't ventured out with it yet, still using just her cane for easier mobilization in and out of her vehicle. But, the day is coming when she will likely need it when she stops driving and I'm taking her places. She'll have to leave her new cat, Gabby, at home though.

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